Back Here Again

We’re back! Yeah we’re back in Ohio now. It’s almost three weeks since we came back from our first family trip and still we haven’t done unpacking! How crazy is that? Plus… some things we left behind that we didn’t have any change to put them back where they were belong before we left for Indo.
Our last week of vacation we used for trip to go back to States, calming down, resting and re-entry the Ohio culture (if I can say that way though I am still Indonesian).
As the re-entry, we spent 3 days in Singapore. We left Indo on Sunday (June 6th) and flew to LA on Wednesday (June 9th) and (believe or not) we arrived at the same day we left Singapore by spending at least 15 hours flight (not counting the transit in Narita Airport). While we were in Singapore, we didn’t have any crazy plan, we just wanted to enjoy the relaxing days, exploring the city, and eating our favorite food (worth every penny they say… hehehehe), “Thien Thien Chicken Rice” at Maxwell Rd. Food Court, China Town. IT”S DELICIOUS! and CHEAP! =)
In Singapore, there is a huge, beautiful botanical garden. They have many sections that you can visit and enjoy the nature, for instance, the Rain Forest which really humid and refreshing at the same time, the Orchid Garden that is so pretty with lots of colorful and pretty orchids, The Desert which is of course with the cactus and other deserts plan, the Bonsai Garden with all kind of tiny winnie bitty plans, even the banana plan. And few lakes and ponds, and also big green field with all kind of trees. We also saw few creatures like butterflies at the Rain Forrest, turtles and swans in the Swan Lake, all kind of fish at the fish pond, and birds at the park. We love going there every time we are in Singapore. So did last time we were there. We went there for a walk and play around in the park. Though it was raining but we still could enjoy the day. Abigail loved it, too!
And also, in Singapore, there are some historical places and museums that you can visit and enjoy. We visited one of the museums called Asian Civilization Museum. It’s all about Asia and the collections are so great and amazing. You can learn more about Asia and its culture by visiting this museum. One thing that bother Abigail was the lighting in the rooms at the museum. She didn’t like darkness and she couldn’t walk around because there was signs said, “DO NOT TOUCH” every where, and also some museum staffs around. Another interesting thing we saw at that museum was a hydraulic elevator/lift. That was the only way to go to the second and third floor, except the stairs. It took 10 minutes, at least, and so loud. Interesting, right? :)
There were some Art Festival and Performances that was going on when we were there. We had change to see some of them when we went to a big mall on Raffles Street. There were a singer who sang at a famous opera show, a young woman performed different style of statues (pretty cool, I think but sorry didn’t take any pictures of her… too many people there), a man played kinda circus stuff, and a couple of Pakistan men played their traditional drum with dance.
If you have any plan for having a vacation to Asia, make sure that you have a day or two in Singapore. You will be surprised with what you see and experience there! A multicultural country with multicultural communities who live in harmony. A country with no pollution and no traffic. They have a good public transportation to support the live and business in the city. And there are more attractions that we didn’t have enough time to go and see. But you can if you have time :)
Even the Airport, they design and provide lots of entertainments to entertain the transit passengers or those who just want to explore Singapore in a short 6 or 8 hours, they provide a free tour. They have indoor parks, swimming pools, gyms, showers, lounges, movie theater, food courts, children play grounds, shops, etc.
Singapore can be a place where you can have a good time transition for your re-entry stage of coming back from overseas. It is not easy to readjust to our own culture after we have been to a different culture for a while. But when we came back to Indo, we needed 2 weeks of adjustment to the culture, food, situation, etc. And when we were here back in Ohio, we needed at least 2 weeks to adjust, too. Adjustment stage is different to every people but as long as we keep ourselves open-minded, be ready to any changes, and expect the unexpected (quoted from our past team leader), I think we will be fine. Of course one important thing is always have the information and knowledge about the country that we want to go, to live in, or to serve there.
Butterflies at Conservatory Park, Columbus
Here we are back again in Southern Ohio. We landed at LAX then took the connection flight to CMH and we arrived
at 10 EST. Dave’s mom and grandma came picking us up at the airport and then we decided to go to the Conservatory Park to see the butterflies and then had lunch and headed back to where we live.
We had this weekend to rest, recover from the long trip and adjust to the local time. For all the tiredness we experienced, we are so glad that we could go to Indo to visit the Helen’s family and friends, and also we are glad that we can be here again to be with Dave’s family and friends.
We would like to say thank you so much for supporting and remembering us in your prayer. Thank you so much for supporting us in a lot of ways, we received e-mails that encouraged us on our trip and we appreciate them so much. Thank you! Terima Kasih! Danke! Gracias!
To be continued… to the next adventure!
Thien Thien Chicken Rice of Maxwell Rd Foodcourt. Worth to try
The toast and coffee where we got our meals
The painting of old Singapore displayed at Asian Civilization Museum
Complete collection of Gamelan displayed at Asian Civilization Museum
Swans at the Swan Lake, Botanical Garden Singapore
The Pavilion for resting after taking a good walk at the rain forest, Botanical Garden Singapore
One way to refresh yourself after walking around the Botanical Garden
The Orchid Garden, it’s huge and lots of collection, Botanical Garden Singapore
It eats insects! at Changi Airport
At the Conservatory Park Columbus


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