Blessed Summer

We are so thankful this summer we could have a wonderful time as family, and also with friends in the States and Indonesia.
From our last newsletter, we told you about our plan going to Indonesia, and yes we did. Praise God for his blessings for our need on the trip through his provision, our family and friends.

We were able to see some friends in California, Singapore, and Indonesia. We spent almost 18 hours on the plane and we were so thankful that God strengthened and encouraged us.

We also were able to reconnecting with some friends from churches and mission organizations in Indonesia.  We had opportunity to share what God has put in our hearts and desire to serve Him in mission and in Indonesia in the future. Thank you for supporting us!!

We are blessed with family and friends and able to spend fun time with her cousins and friends.
Abigail was so happy at the first time she jumped into her kiddy pool. She also loves to swing and slide. Abigail learned how to swim in bigger pool with the puddle jumper, explored new things and had so much fun inside and outside the house. At 18 months old, she can count 1-10 in English, Spanish and Indonesian. Abigial also can read her ABCs, love singing and dancing.

Beside swimming, hiking, top-off jeep driving around and cooking out were our favorite outdoor activities in this summer. Dave is a great cook and griller! We had so much to do some stuff together!

At the end of September, we went visiting Amber in Lexington, KY. She was one of our friends from Discovery Trip 2006. It was a great time to see her again and catching up.

We have some plans in the beginning of Autumn, and we would like to ask you all to pray with us. Because we know for sure that men can plan, but God is the one who makes them success.

On the first weekend of October, our church, Grace Baptist, will have the Fall Church Picnic. Praise God for those who has worked hard for this event. Pray for a good whether and good time fellowship among the member of church. Praise God for those who have worked hard to plan this event.

On October 8-10, we will have a road trip to North Carolina together with Dave’s Mom and Grandmother. We will go visiting Dave’s brother and his family. Also we will attending our friends’ (Fletcher and Amy) wedding in Raleigh. They went on Discovery Trip with us in 2008. Please pray for health, safety, place to stay for at least 3 nights, the wedding and the fruitful time with family, too.

We will celebrate Dave’s birthday on the third weekend of October by going to Jars of Clay concert (he got the tickets 2 months ago!) in Cincinnati. The plan is just Dave and Helen, Abigail will stay with her grandmother and great grandmother. Pray for comfort for Abigail, strength for Dave’s Mom and grandmother to babysit her, and fruitful time for Dave and Helen to enjoy the concert and time together.

In November, we are planning to attend One Day Event at WBT office in Akron, Ohio. That will be on the 6th. It is only one day and we will have a brief explanation about what and how we can serve with WBT in the future. It will take about 3 hours drive from our area to Akron. Please pray that God will open the way for us to attend this event and also a safe trip for us.

Thank you for always supporting us in your prayer and encouragement. We are so thankful for you that God brought to our live. We appreciate all what you do in your ministry to glorify God.

We will be so thankful if we can also pray for you. Please send us e-mail so we know how to pray for you all.

Be blessed to be blessings for others!


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