Simple But Priceless

I would like to share a simple but priceless idea to decor a little girl’s bedroom. This hanging wall decoration is made from not expensive crafty stuff that you can find around your house and Walmart, basically. If you are a scrap-booker, then you probably have all what you need for this little project.

Here the things that you’re gonna need:
1. Scissors
2. All-purpose & photo-safe glue
3. A piece of desired cardboard (if you like online shopping, then you might have some used boxes that you can cut out for the base)
4. Various colors and patterns of scrap-book papers. You can also combine the small pieces, as you like.
5. Decorations, like foam-glittery letters, flowers, shapes, stick-ons, etc. Anything you can put on the wall decoration to make look pretty and nice.
6. And of course you will need the pictures that you want to use (I printed my pictures from iPhoto with 4×6 photo papers).
When you have all things that you need, than it’s time for having fun with your crafty and creative idea.
Do you have any simple but priceless ideas or tips for hanging wall decorations? Do you care to share with us?


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