My Everyday Miracle #3

Helen, Georgia, Summer 2009

Abigail Ruby. She is my everyday miracle #3. God has given us a wonderful cute little girl. She just turned 2 years old in March this year and for a toddler, she is too curios. She is an active girl even since she was a baby (her legs never stop, even when she was drinking milk, or eating, or sleeping).

She loves to climb on almost everything she can climb up, run (and in circle, too), playing in the playground and swimming. Like her papa, she loves to be outside.

Not only physically she is growing so fast, but also intellectual. She is a fast learner. She can pick up words in English, Indonesian, Spanish and Mandarin. The only thing is we need to be more diligent to help her in using those languages, but Dave and I cannot speak Spanish and Mandarin. From the age of 1 through 5 is the golden age for children to learn languages, that’s what I read about. She also likes to play piano and singing, or singing and dancing. Let’s say that she is also developing her musical sense.
We think that’s because since she was a baby we let her watch the baby DVD collection, Classical Baby, from HBO Family Program. This is the best baby DVD ever!

She is our blessing and miracle from God. She is a great gift for us. She is Abigail Ruby.


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