Free Holiday Class 2011

Every year, Jessica Sprague has a FREE Holiday Class. This time she will teach us to make a cute project and record some special holiday memories. This class will also give us a chase to take a look inside the online class environment here at

What are we going to do in this FREE Holiday Class
Using the card stock and digital patterned paper, we will be taught by Jessica to make a stunning, but EASY and REPEATABLE garland and storage box for keepsake. In this class, she will share with us some ideas to make your holiday memory making and memory keeping a little brighter and more fun!

When will it begin and How long this class will be? 
It will begin on December 5 and it will be a week long class.

To register for this FREE class, please follow these steps:
1. Type or copy this access code: JSHOLIDAY11
2. Right click here to enter the code into the Gift Codes page (this is Jessica’s GIFT to you!)

You will need an account to automatically be registered for the class, if you aren’t a member yet you will need to create a new account.

After you have registered for the class (and logged in), you will find all the materials in the My Classes link at the top of the page. A class forum and gallery will be provided.

Guaranteed it will be a week full of fun!

What are you waiting for? Go to Jessica Sprague website and register this FREE Holiday Class now!

I’ll see you there!!!


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