Godly Words

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 But even as he spoke, a bright cloud came over them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy. Listen to him.” 

Matthew 17:5 

In his book Raising a Modern-Day Knight (Tyndale House), author Robert Lewis points out that parents can gain some priceless direction from the way God the Father treated God the Son. These insights are particularly powerful in a father’s relationship with his son. Lewis uses as his starting point the several occasions in which God the Father made public pronouncements about his Son. Those statements include three ideas children need to hear from their parents: 1) I love you (“my dearly loved Son”); 2) I’m proud of you (“who brings me great joy”); and 3) you have skills (“listen to him.”) The third one requires extra thought because it is specific to each child, highlighting his or her skills. Read through each of these again and ask yourself when was the last time each of your children heard any or all of these from you.

Some people say, “Do not over praise your kids” but saying these 3 things to our kids are not gonna be an over-praise in their life. They need to know that God loves them much more that we do. They need to know that every single thing in their life is matter to us, even more to God.

Source: NLT Marriage and Family Devotional, A Parenting Devotional


2 thoughts on “Godly Words

  1. Great post and ideas! I saw your comment on my friend Cynthia's scrapbooking blog (cyscraps.blogspot), and I was intrigued because my husband and I are also WBT members (serving in Nigeria right now), and I, too, really like digital scrapbooking! How fun! :)Anyway, thought I'd drop by and say hey. :)-Christiehttp://thiswinklerscraps.wordpress.com

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