DIY Father’s Gift for the #1 Papa

This is actually not a last minute gift, just a little bit late because of my sickness. And be honest, not until last Saturday, I still had no idea what would be a great gift for Dave this year. Totally didn’t have time to search online, or even went to go to store.

But here’s what we {my 3 year old girl and I} had in our mind for the best Papa ever!

It was about a week ago, Abigail wanted to paint a rainbow for her Papa. So I thought that it would be a great gift for him. And then on Saturday we went to an outlet store called Ollie’s in Huntington, WV just to check it out what they had (we saw from outside and heard about this sort of like “Big Lots” store but never actually went inside). Then I saw this kind of frame (actually for a graduation gift) that looked like a scrapbooking frame. Then I thought this was just perfect for what we would like give as Father’s Day gift to our special Papa.

Finally, today I got it done. I was so happy about the result! Just can’t wait to give it to him 😀

What is your gift idea for Father’s day? You can share and comment here 😀

3 thoughts on “DIY Father’s Gift for the #1 Papa

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