Layout 2012: The Nest

There’s a story behind this layout.

One day I found a nest in the middle of my hanging flower pot. It was empty so I took it out and put it on the ground. But then 2 days later, when I was watering my plant, I saw a little fading blue oval thing underneath the stems. It was an egg! I looked for the nest (thankful it was still where I left before!) and I put the egg back on the nest.

It’s a robin’s egg. My husband told me that sometimes, the Robin won’t come back again once it finds out that her nest moved or when it smells something weird around its egg. The Robin will leave the egg alone. That make me sad and feel so bad that I moved the nest not knowing there was an egg laying down there.

So, we keep the egg with hope one day it will hatch. My girl was so excited to know and see that’s actually a real Robin’s egg. She hardly can stop saying, “Mama, I wanna touch it gently. Mama, it’s an egg, a Robin egg.” Always every day she always ask about the egg.

Layout credits:
Kit: Coral Summer 2 by CatDesignz. Check My Memories store here for more CatDesignz Kit Collections, you also can visit Catherine’s blog here.

Fonts: Cryin’ Kitty and Old Stamper (free download at

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2 thoughts on “Layout 2012: The Nest

  1. Thank you for your comment, Laurie :)It's neat to know that. Also amazed to know how they are well-cared by other birds though not the same kind. A beautiful picture, isn't it? Imagine we, human can learn from birds 🙂

  2. this is lovely…one note I learned on one of Girls' field trips: birds have no sense of smell, so don't know we have handled anything by smell…also if you ever were to find a baby bird and put it back in the nest that would be fine…no smell and if you happen to put it in the wrong nest? they can't count either, so will just feed the extra mouth if that's what it is. We found a baby bird last year, the bird didn't look like the others in the nearby nest…it was a Buffalo bird baby, and the species has adapted to the roaming ways of buffalo that they live with…they don't build nests…they just lay their eggs in another's nest and leave their babies to be raised by that family…isn't that neat?

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