Create Layout with Page Builders

Thanks to Barb Plett, who let me use one of her Page Builder kit to create my digital scrapbooking layout. Visit her Facebook page, blog and store for more information about her and her collections.
You might ask me, “What is a Page Builder?” Page builder is like a layout template that you use to create a page layout using My Memories Suite V3 digital scrapbooking software. I like it so much. Using Page Builder is so easy and time safer, I’d would say 😀
Here’s how I created this page:

  1. Open your MyMemories Suite software. If you do not have MyMemories Suite yet, here’s special code STMMMS3393, for you to get $10 OFF PLUS extra $10 gift certificate to MyMemories online digital store!
  2. Choose Create Album From Designer Template.
  3. Choose Page Builder from the list. Click Next.
  4. After you click next, it will take you to the Page Arrangement. You can arrange the set of template (4 pages) freely. You can use all 4 pages or you can remove pages. For this layout I pick the page 1, so I removed the other 3 pages.
  5. Click Next and this will take you to where you can pick and choose your pictures individually or automatically. I picked the choose and fill your picture individually. Then click Next.
  6. Name your album and pick the location where you want to save your album. Click Finish.
  7. Now you are ready to modify or create your layout.
  8. On your left sidebar, there’s the resource galleries where you can find all your need to create a layout: designers store (link back to, Photos, Embellishments, Papers, Shapes, Photo arrangements, and Word Art.
  9. On your right sidebar, it is the Control Panel.
  10. Choose the paper you would like to be your background. Make sure unchecked the Add as Photo Object. Double click on the paper. It will automatically set as your background.
  11. To change every layered paper on the Page Builder, you only click on the object and then go to Control Panel and find Paper to fill the object with a paper you choose. 
  12. For Embellishments, you can fill it in with papers using the step #11. What I did is I changed replaced the objects (flowers and leaves) on the Page Builders with the embellishments from the kit I used. I clicked on the object and delete it, then I double-clicked the embellishment I would like to replace the deleted object. Resized and moved it the embellishment spot. To modify the objects, use the Object Control Panel on the right sidebar to resize, add shadow, etc.
  13. For the photos, I opened the Photo tab at Resource Gallery, opened folders where I saved my photos. Then click on the Photo box on the Page Builder. I dragged my photo to the Photo box and dropped it. You can rearrange, resized, crop, matting, add shadow and modify as you like using the Photo Control Panel on the right sidebar.
  14. For the Title, I deleted the object and replaced it the tags I from the kit. You can use step #12 to modify the object.
  15. After you do all you need to create your layouts, don’t forget to SAVE. The file will be in MMS format. If you like to save it in a different file format (JPG, PNG or PDF), click on Share Album on the top sidebar, pick Export Page, click NO (because you have saved it first, unless you make some changes then you need to click YES so that you won’t lose your last changes).
  16. Pick your file format, pages, image sizes, file compression, and output location (where you want to save the file). After setting all of them, then click Finish.
  17. You are all set. You have your beautiful layout using Page Builder and your favorite kit to make memories today.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email or comment on this post. I will get back to you as soon as possible. You also can go to My Memories Blog and YouTube channel HERE for more video tutorials how to use this MMS software.

Okay not it’s your turn to try it out and have fun!

Credits to this layout:
Page Builder 36 by Barb Plett, Albums To Remember

Kit: Best Dad Pack by Marcie Reckinger


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