Controlling Tongue = Stop Gossiping

Today I read a devotion from New Living Translation Women’s Devotional. Gossiping is an issue in everybody’s relationship. It will ruin any relationships, and even friendships we have if we cannot stop doing it. God’s word says,  “If you want to enjoy life and see many happy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies.” 1 Peter 3:10, NLT

As women, we have a healthy, natural desire to share our lives with one another in story, and we can experience intense emotional involvement with daily situations. This gives us a powerful means of connection with others. But it can also leave us vulnerable to the sin of gossip. We may be tempted to gossip to make ourselves look or feel better, but don’t we find it does just the opposite? We end up looking and feeling worse. As the verse above tells us, in order to enjoy life–a life centered on Christ–we need to control our tongues.

It is a reminder for all of us how we can control our tongue: we use it to build someone up or ruin someone down. It’s all up to us.


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