Post #200: How To Use Outside Content with MyMemories Suite

This is my 200th post on this blog! WOW! Cannot believe that I’ve written 200 posts so far (so proud to my self *wink wink*) 😀

On this special post, I would like to share with you another advantages of using MyMemories Suite software for your digital scrapbooking projects. This software is very easy to use, full of fun, and it does most of what Photoshop and Photoshop Elements do to create digital scrapbook layouts. And it is cheaper that those softwares! Who doesn’t like good deal? I do! Now you can get $10 OFF and get extra $10 gift certificate to the digital store only by using my special code STMMMS3393 (sensitive case: copy and paste the code when you check out). Isn’t that a good deal? you can save $20!

As I promised, here’s the great thing for you:

Do you have lots of digital kits that you got from other sites, and want to be able to use them in your MyMemories Suite software? This video tutorial will shows you how you can import outside content into your MyMemories Suite software.
TIP: It is really EASY to take outside content and add it to your MyMemories Suite software. You can even download your MyMemories content as a general zip file and access it the same way as outside content. This allows you to store your content in a folder structure that makes sense to you, maybe by designer, color, or even on an external hard drive.
Here you go, just click on the screen below to watch this great tutorial.

Let’s create more layouts and Have a great scrapping day!

Thank You taking your time to write a comment here! I love reading it!

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