35 Weeks and Counting!

Yes, I am at my 35 weeks of pregnancy now. I feel like it was not too long ago that we found out that we are expecting the second baby. And now it is 5 more weeks to the arrival of the baby!
I praise my Most High God for:
  • His blessings in this pregnancy
  • the good health for me and the baby
  • extra strength to carry the baby though I am having severe back pain and sciatic nerve pain that limit me to do some activities
  • Abigail who is growing in understanding that she will have a sibling, through she is still trying to grasp the idea that she will share her Momma and Poppa, including her toys with the new baby.
  • Dave, my wonderful husband, who always be there when I need him, to encourage me in my not-so-good-mood moments, to help me overcoming my pains, for always love me, Abigail and the baby, and for always helping me with all kind of house works though he has TONS of things to do at work.

I see my OB/GYN every week now. That means the baby could be born at any time 😀

Thank You taking your time to write a comment here! I love reading it!

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