August 2012 Challenge: Clustering

Who is up for a challenge this month? 

Created by Christin Thomas hosts a Clustering Challenge at her Facebook Group Challenges.

What is a cluster?
One definition of a cluster is a group of similar things (or people) positioned or occurring closely together. For example: clusters of creamy-white flowers, a cluster of antique shops.
In scrapbooking world, a cluster is a group of elements that you use on your layout.

So, here’s the steps for this challenge:
  • you have to have a cluster of at least 5 elements on your layout.
  • position: at one corner of the page
  • one foto with a frame or photomat at the opposite corner of the cluster
  • journaling is optional.

The Rules:

  1. Complete your layout using Christin’s kits that you can find at her store:
  2. Post your layout in the Clustering Challenge August 2012 album.
  3. Come back to this challenge file and comment with a link to your layout.
  4. You can win extra half of point (0.5 point) for a layout you post in Christin’s gallery at STS


You will receive 1 point for completing this challenge. All layouts must be posted before or on the last day of August 2012.

Here’s the example for this challenge:

Kit: Watching You Grow Neutral
(Created by Christin Thomas)
Font: Shelter Me (download for free here)
Let’s have fun and be creative with your layout! I cannot wait to see your pretty layouts on the gallery!

Thank You taking your time to write a comment here! I love reading it!

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