A New Chapter {SEM Blog Hop}

We just turned a new chapter in our life. Yes, we are a family of 4 now! It is so amazing, yet different and challenging, and a miracle from God.

We pray and ask for God’s grace, love and mercy in every day we share our life with each other. This new chapter changes the way of how I live my life, what I say, what I do and how I manage my family.
Yes, it is hard, but it is possible when I walk with God, my only helper and the One who control everything in my life and over my family.

So, to celebrate the new chapter in our life, I started with making these 2 monogram frames of my girls’ initial names. I didn’t spent lots of money on it. I already have those felts from my previous projects, amd only spent $7 on 2 shadow box frames (check your local Big Lots! for freat deals of the frames, scrapbooking and other crafts stuff).

Here’s the step by step, easy peasy!
What you will need:
– Any colors of felt that you will use to make flowers and cut out the letters.
– Glue gun or all puose glue that can be used for craft projects.
– Shadow box frame
– White card stock for background. Cut as big as your shadow box frame size.

Here are the links to some how to make flowers from felt:

How to do it:
– Make felt flowers and leaves as many as you want to use.
– Trace the letters on the felt and cut.
– Glue the cutout felt on the card stock. Align in the center.
– Arrange the flowers and leaves before you glue them.
– If you think you like their position on the letter, then glue them down.
– Put it in the frame.
Ta-Da! You’re done with your project and you have a pretty monogram for your wall.
You can use this tutorial to make wall decor for nursery with cut out animals, flowers or even silhouette of your children or favorite person for the frame.
A is for Abigail

E is for Emma

Have fun trying and please link back to comment box your projects. I would love to see your beautiful projects, too!

Be creative every day and preserve the memories! XOXO!

6 thoughts on “A New Chapter {SEM Blog Hop}

  1. Hi Toni! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.Absolutely yes! you can borrow the idea!Please post a comment of your link to the project so that I can stop by! Looking forward to see your creation! 😀

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