DIY 15 Minutes Baby Onesies

Since last year I got introduced to Pinterest and it is addicted, I tell you! It is not only I can learn many crafty things from people posts on Pinterest, but also give me tons of crafty ideas.

One of the ideas is creating this onesie in 15 minutes! I saw lots of how people can re-do baby onesies or add some decoration on plain onesies. What I did this morning was only adding this decoration ribbon and TA-DA! I got some pretty onesies to put on my little princess, Emma!

Here’s what you will need:
– plain white or other colors (I used light brown and soft pink this time).
– any decoration ribbon, ruffles, or you also can use fabric flower.
– fabric glue
– needle and thread
– pearls, or any buttons, or fems you would like to use.
How to do it:
– You need to pre-wash the onesies because you cannot wash after them after you apply the fabric after 24 hours.
– cut the ribbon as the same length with the onesie’ waist or collar.
– apply a dab of glue along the ribbon’s edge and place the ribbon along the collar/neck, as soon as after you apply the fabric glue. The fabric glue gets dry quickly.
– hold the ribbon about 10 seconds to make sure it gets dry well and glued well on the onesies.
– sew the pearls on every flower.
– You’re Done!
I link up this project to my friend’s website on her Link Up party. Go ahead to Meredith’s website and link-up your crafty project! 

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