Made it to Top 3!

Have you ever got stuck and had no ideas what to scrap? Have you ever needed any inspirations or creative idea to get you back on your scrapbooking mojo?
I have. I am so thankful for finding Scrapping Everyday Miracles, an inspirational website for scrapbookers. Not only they will give you inspiration and creative ideas what to scrap or sketches, but also they inspire you with God’s word, to see everything around you and be thankful to God, to acknowledge how God has created everything around us for His glory and purpose in our lives. Isn’t that a miracle? Isn’t that something that we need to look around and realize that God exists and He is here with you and me.
One of the miracles ever happened in my life is my daughters, Abigail and Emma. They are the most precious gifts God ever given to me and my husband, Dave. We are so blessed and so thankful to be chosen by God to be their parents. I remember the first day we started to tell Abigail and prayed for her to be a big sister. She was all about it. She was nervous when the baby was born, but she is getting along with her little sister now. She loves to say things and making silly faces to Emma when she cries. 
I remember the first time Abigail asked if she could hold Emma on her lap. That was the moment I wanna remember and I want her to remember. So grabbed my camera and took a bunch of pictures of them. Here’s one of those pictures that I scrapped to remember one of the miracles God made for us.
I submitted this layout to SEM for their October layout challenge and it made it to the Top 3 creations of the month. 
Kit: Forever Friends (Jen C Designs)
Template: Blends 4 (Jen C Designs)
Font: Octember Scripts
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