DIY Christmas Gifts – Part 1

Did I tell you how much I love my Silhouette Cameo? I LOVE MY SILHOUETTE CAMEO!!! 😀
For Christmas, I created some cool stuff with that awesome cutting machine, I will need the new cutting mat for sure 😀

THANKS TO MY BELOVED HUSBAND for getting it as a surprise for me 😀

For a newbie like me, this machine is really cool and way easy to work with. My husband got me a different cutting machine 2 years ago and we had to return it because it was such a mess, expensive and had to buy the software to work on my MacBook. Since then we did lots lots lots of research on what’s the best cutting machine for my scrapbooking and crafty projects. And the winner is Silhouette Cameo!

You will be surprise for what you can do with this cutting machine. For tons of creative ideas, inspirations, freebies and deals, you can check on their blog, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

These are the couple things I did for Christmas presents this year:

Hanging note holder
2013 calendar
Pocket Card Kit
Snowflake Ornament Box
Pocket Card Kit
4 cupcakes box 1 & box 2

I also made several jewelry boxes and pillow boxes for small presents. They turned out pretty nice and cute.

3D Necklace Box

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