DIY Christmas Gift – Part 2

On Christmas 2012, I got my all my family some personalized gifts and of course with cute pictures of our first daughter. But for this year, I was thinking to give them something else, even though I thought that giving them another personalized gifts with our 2 cute daughters’ pictures would be okay.

I felt I wanted to do something different on this Christmas. For a almost a year I am addicted to Pinterest where I found some awesome DIY tutorials, PLUS a month ago my husband got me my long-dreamed-tool, Silhouette Cameo! So I decided to make our Christmas presents this year.

Today I would like to share these DIY gift I did. My new favorite bird nest necklace for my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law (and myself, too!). I found this tutorial from Sarah Ortega, which is super easy to follow.

What you need:
– Jewelry wire 20 or 24 gage (I used 24 gage, as suggested on Sarah’s tutorial)
– Any beads that you would like to use (I used pearls, diamond, and also blue beads).
– Clasps and jump rings (I used both silver and gold)
– Necklace chain (I used both silver and gold)
Basically, you just wrap around the beads with the jewelry wire. I follow the steps on Sarah Ortega’s blog. It is very easy to follow.

I put it in a box for this necklace using Silhouette Cameo and wrapped it with a bow.

3D Necklace Box
So, did you make any gifts this year?

Thank You taking your time to write a comment here! I love reading it!

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