New Translations Part 2: Alune

Let us praise God for what He has done among the people of Alune, Indonesia. They have received God’s word in their heart language after waiting for about 26 years. God’s way is way different that our ways. He can use the flood to deliver the Bible to the people. He is God. He reigns. He is in control!
There are over 400 language groups who are waiting for the Word of God in the language they understand best in their hearts. Please pray and ask God for the workers and make ways to bring the Gospel to these people. They have been waiting too long.
Thank you for praying!

Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

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On March 14, Wycliffe USA staff gathered in Orlando to celebrate sixteen recent Scripture translations. Three staff members shared stories about some of the translations featured. We have been posting the scripts for each of these stories on our blog. Here is the second story, by Melissa Chesnut, who works in Wycliffe USA’s human resources department:

The Alune New Testament, Indonesia


It has been a long journey for the Alune people to receive the Word of God in their heart language. The Alune people live in Indonesia on an island that is part of the Maluku archipelago. There are around twenty thousand people in this language group. Once known as fierce warriors, a powerful Alune leader came to know Christ in 1920 and influenced many of his people to do the same. However, it wasn’t until 1986, when two Alune men sought help…

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