Jen C Designs CT Call

Jen C Designs is having a Creative Team Call. She needs creative people to join her team, in exchange you’ll get access to all her new releases!!! This time the time for you all to try. I’ll tell you this, Jen is a wonderful designer!


Creative Artists (5) – create at least 3 layouts a month and 10 gallery comments/week at a gallery of your choice.

Promo Queens (2) – promote Jen’ work around digiland. Enable at all open forums/Pinterest/etc. Gallery comments also!

Ad Guru (1) – create ads with graphics provided – (quick turnaround may be required). Photoshop experience required.

Blog writers (3) – write about what you love on blog.

Hybrid Team (2) – create hybrid projects with Jen C Designs creations – 2x a month

Freebie Team (2) – create freebies (2x/month) with new releases

What you need to send to Jen:

  • Name/username/links to your sites (blog/Pinterest/galleries/etc)
  • What position you’re looking for
  • Why you want the position you want
  • A sample of your best work (create artist/ad guru = layout; promo queen/blog writer = example of what you’d post/write; freebie/hybrid = example of what you’ve done)

Send to by 15 July 2013


Thank You taking your time to write a comment here! I love reading it!

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