July Pajamas Party

It is a party where you don’t have to dress up or go anywhere!

It is a party where you can just have your pajamas on, sitting at your comfy chair or bed or wherever you want, with your computer/laptop/tablets!

It is a party where you can have fun, watch live project demos, tips & tricks, prizes, inspiring ideas, and more!

It is a party where you can have live chat with Big Picture Classes favorite instructors: Stacy Julian, Wendy Smedley, and Angie Lucas!

It is A FREE PARTY!!!!

And the most coolest thing from this party is the sponsor: the one and only CLOSE TO MY HEART!!!

Here’s the feature project that you don’t wanna miss:

You will see the sneak peak of the new Artbooking Collection and at the Pajamas Party Stacy Julian will show you how to make the “2 of a Kind” Artbooking layout, so what you can do is just to sit back, relax and drool over the items! But don’t worry, you can make a wish list all the supplies because they will be available to purchase at the Close To My Heart Store starting on August 1! Whenever you got your supplies, go to the archived event for step-by-step details on how to make the project. You will see how easy and awesome it is!

Here’s the list of supplies you can get from the store for this project:

Come and join the fun by registering here before July 31st for FREE.

The party starts at 6 p.m. PT on July 31st at Big Picture Classes!


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