31 Days Creating Joyfully

I am joining the 31 Days over The Nester blog. So what is the 31 Days? Here’s what she says about it:

31 Days is an online writing challenge where we all link up on day one and then write about a topic of our choice every day in October. But we actually start on September 30th because it’s easier on time zones.

From the explanation, I will be writing posts from October 1 through October 31, 2013 about creating memories through scrapbooking, making gifts for family and friends, and making decorations. I will be sharing ideas, inspirations from my crafty friends and even tutorials for 31 days, starting tomorrow!

I hope you will be joining me and be inspired! You can create memories, gifts and decorations joyfully together!

You can grab my button and post it on your blog and spread the word. You can copy and paste the code or you can copy image link:

31days2013_125 photo cddf0d96-a13a-4afc-82fc-dabde648d877_zpsa3cc8613.jpg

 photo be0b0ed9-0abd-4c65-a7b2-4b390bf0bc61_zpsef29c4d9.jpg



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