Day 3: Glittered Magnet – Craft with Kids


Look! We got more glitter project for you today!


Yesterday I shared how I did the easy glittered pumpkin with my pre-schooler. So she kept asking me to do more projects with glitter, she just LOVES glitter, she said 😀 So, I went through my stash and I found this big clear stones I got from a dollar store a while ago, and some circle magnets too. I told her that we would do the glittered magnet. She was SUPER HAPPY!

Making the glittered magnets is super easy. I hope these pictures will help you to do it also with your kids. It will be fun! And if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and I will reply you 🙂


Turn the clear stone (you can find them at flower area at store). Then add glue on it. Using brush is better. She did it easily 🙂 You can use Mod Podge or any glue that dries clear.


On a paper plate, add some glitter and kindda tap around the clear stone around until it all covered by glitter.


After glitter them, you can put them aside to dry and then add the magnet. Or you also can add the magnet on the back right away after glittering. Add a little dab of dry-clear glue on the glitter and push gently the magnet on in. That’s what we did. Put them all aside to dry. Overnight drying is better.


Some of the glitter will come off when you rub on it. So I added some of Close To My Heart Liquid Glass. Its fine-tip applicator lets you apply it precisely where you want for a glossy, glaze-like look.


Just gently squeeze a little the Liquid Glass will come out of the bottle, as you do that, more around the stone where you still have the glitter.


Here’s what it looks after adding the Liquid Glass. It will dry in couple of hours.


Here they are after they dried.


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