Day 20: DIY Four-Seasons Wreath

Couple of weeks ago, one of my close friends asked me to hang out together. We went to HobbyLobby and had dinner at Cheddar’s. When we were at HobbyLobby, my friend told me that she wanted to have a wreath for her home. So went around checking on the wreaths they had. but OH MY WORD! They were SUPER DUPER expensive! We stopped at a corner and pulled out our phones… checking on Pinterest for ideas! LOL! Checking Pinterest at HobbyLobby corner, never happened before 😀

We found some ideas and thinking just to make it. She asked me if it is possible to have just 1 wreath but for all four seasons… hmmm… basically just to chance the colors of the the flowers/decorations on the wreath. What a brilliant idea she had! We brainstormed and went around to get the supplies that we were gonna need.

And we have a four-seasons wreath to make!

It took at least two weeks for me to get this wreath with fall season flowers on done with a pre-schooler and a toddler running around the house. It was fun making this wreath. I am working on the other 3 seasons decorations to put on the wreath… But here’s the snapshots of the fall one.


Gather all your supplies. I used 18″ Straw Wreath, 5 1/5″ Natural Burlap Ribbon, Fall Color Felts, Glue Gun, Scissors, Sewable fastener, templates for flowers (I cut them with my Silhouette Cameo. Super easy and fast!), pen, pearl gems (or any gems you want to use).
Wrap the burlap ribbon around the straw wreath. I only used 1 spool for 18″ wreath.


I drew all the templates I want to use on the felts. You can choose any felt flowers you want to use on your wreath. I have a list of links on my Pinterest board for making felt flowers. Check it out! Pick and choose what you like to make 😀


I traced a piece of similar color felt for the base of the flower decoration. Glued all the flowers and leaves on it. Then I added the fastener at the back of the decoration and on the burlap wreath base. This is how you can interchange the decoration on the burlap. Just snap and un-snap them! Easy-peasy!


Here’s the Burlap-Felt Fall Wreath.

Hope you will like it and if you have questions, feel free to ask on comment box 🙂 I will get back ASAP! Thanks for visiting!


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6 thoughts on “Day 20: DIY Four-Seasons Wreath

  1. I love the idea of being able to change out the wreath flowers for the seasons! Super cute! Thanks for sharing at the party. I am happy you dropped by for the digital software freebie I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share with your followers ( here, on twitter & facebook) that they can drop by too & grab it! Have a great rest of your week! Theresa

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