Day 27: Pinecone Owls Kids Craft Tutorial


I met Lynda over Silhouette America Flickr group and she is very creative and love doing crafty stuff with her kids. I am inspired a lot by her projects! She is so awesome and willing to share one of her projects with us today! Here’s a little bit about Lynda and you can find all her projects on her Flickr gallery.

Hello everyone, my name is Lynda, also known as “Lynda Lou” by my friends.  I am a Jesus-loving wife and mommy of  2 little ones, ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2.  I am originally from Southern California but currently live in hot, humid Florida with my little family of 4.  When my husband and I were newlyweds he gave me my first sewing machine for Christmas, which is also an embroidery machine.  With all of my family and friends far away from me, my sewing machine became one of my best friends and I began selling little things I made on  However, once we had our first, very challenging <read: non-sleeping screamer>, baby, I had no more time for sewing (shopping for fabric, measuring, cutting, etc.) and missed having a creative outlet.  One day (after having my second, easier baby) my non-crafty, dirt-bike riding, husband randomly mentioned that he had some great ideas for sayings on t-shirts and wished he could make his own.  Of course, since I loved crafts and followed craft blogs, I mentioned that I had heard about a machine that cuts the designs for t-shirts (not really knowing much about die cutting machines).  After much research, the Silhouette entered my life and became my new craft friend.  I am not a scrapbooker, yet, but love all of the 3D crafts and kids crafts that the silhouette helps me create, including a few t-shirts for my husband. Plus, the big bonus for me is that it does most of the hard work, unlike my sewing machine.

The tool I could not live without would be the silhouette cameo and the software it comes with.  Using the software I was able to design my own Daily Planner, and the print-and-cut feature helps me quickly create stickers for my kids, and other crafts and gifts with digital paper, etc.

Today I am going to show you a very easy and quick pinecone craft that I made with my 3-1/2 year old.  We have made this craft without pinecones, just as the original file is designed, and they were very fun and cute; So, there’s no need to buy pinecones if you don’t have them.  I used the silhouette to make these, but it would be pretty easy to cut out the shapes yourself. All of the shape needed.

Pinecone Owls_01

  • Patterned paper and solid paper, or you can use the print-and-cut feature of the cameo and use digital patterned paper like Lynda did (see below)
  • Glue and/or glue dots (She used both for this project but have found that the glue dots seem to be less messy for kids than glue, sort of turning paper into a sticker, which is a plus on ink-jet printed paper)
  • Pinecones (optional), or brown paper for the body.

Lynda used this digital cutting file from silhouette store: Owl Tote Bag from Lori Withlock (design #33682)


How To Make It:

  • We will not be using the brown box part or the feathers for the pinecones, so you can delete those.
  • To make the wings, she used the cream color part of the design which is behind the eyes and feathers in the above picture.  You can cut these with patterned paper, or, if using the print-and-cut feature, fill them with a pattern.  They need to be cut in half and will be turned upside down to make 2 wings for each owl.  You could keep these one piece and cut them in half by hand, or have the software cut them in half for you like she did in the below screen shot.
  • Used the same cream colored face part behind the eyes and nose of the pinecone by cutting off the bottom of the shape and using the top portion, just large enough for the eyes.
  • Kept all the proportions for the eyes and nose and filled them with color to match.

Heres a picture of her print and cut screen on the silhouette software using 12×12 paper, this made 4 owls:

Pinecone Owls_02

Next, to print out the paper and cut all the pieces with Silhouette cutting machine. To attach to the pinecones, I found it easiest to use the cream face outline as the base for everything:

1. Your children can glue the eyes and nose on the cream background cardstock to be the owl’s face.

Pinecone Owls_03

2. Then attach the wings. Now we have one piece to attach to the pinecone.

Pinecone Owls_04

3. Use a glue dot to attach the paper to the pinecone, and then add glue from behind to reinforce it.

Pinecone Owls_05

There you go, perfectly imperfect pinecone owls for fall! These would be a fun kids table craft on Thanksgiving day or as place cards on the table. I hope this inspires you to get your little ones excited for Thanksgiving, enjoy! ~ LyndaLou

Isn’t that fun making this cute little pinecone owl? I will definitely will do this with my 4 year old daughter! Hope you like it! THANK YOU LyndaLou, for sharing this tutorial with us!

Let’s make memories with your children through doing something fun and crafty!


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