Day 28: Not Just A Treat Bag

We are not the family that all out for Halloween, but we surely love to have fun hanging out and walking around the neighborhood for Trick–or-Treat together with our friends. Every year since our first daughter was 2 years old, we took her out for trick-or-treat. Honestly, we are that kind of parents who always get Halloween stuff at the last minute! So, at the last minute, I made this treat bag for my first daughter’s Trick-or-Treat in 2011 (she was some kind of a princess):


It was from a packaging box, I cut in half, wrapped it with construction papers and added some stickers. It was also my first time trick-or-treating, didn’t have any idea what to do. She was happy with the goodies inside the bag 😀

Then last year, we found a cute paper bag but goggly-eyed spiders on it at Dollar Store and that was her treat bag to match with her Izzy costume. But this year, she wants to be “Just a Fairy” she said, “and Emma can be the baby princess, too.” This will be a fun and sweet Trick-or-Treat this year!

So, I’ve been thinking and going through Pinterest for ideas what can be a match treat bag for both of them. Here what I came up with:


These bags are easy and quick. They are not just treat bags, but they can be used for any occasion, or for taking toys to Grandma’s house, or books for trips, or just for playing, or anything. To make these bags, here are what you will need to get:

  • Canvas Tote bags (I got a pack of 3 at Walmart)
  • Iron-On letters and decorations, whatever you want to put on the tote bag.
  • Iron (no steam).
  • Scissors
  • Any cotton material that you can use for ironing. I used my hubby’s old working shirts.


When you all supplies ready, you can lay your bag on top of the cotton clothe. Then you can just follow the Iron-On instructions. I cut the letters I needed for their bags. Removed the plastic at the back of the letters and arrange them on the tote bag where you want to iron them on. For their bags, I arranged them in circles. It was very late, my eyes cannot see very well so cannot just eye-balling the position, and my smart husband told me, “Why don’t you just use the jar’s lid for that?” Ah-ah! Good idea! So that what I did. I put the jar lid in the middle of the bag, and arrange all the letters along the edge of the lid. Perfect! They are not sticky but you have to be careful not to touch the back of the letters too often. I just held at the edge of the letters.


Then after I have them all in good position, carefully I laid the other shirt on top of the bag with the iron-on letters. Press with the iron for 20-30 seconds at one place and then move the iron in circle all around them for about 10-20 seconds. Be careful not to over-heat it.

Carefully remove the shirt, watch out it is HOT! And set the bag aside to cool off. And then I did over again the steps for the second bag. I have their names on one side and their nicknames on the other one:


I found these cute pink flower at Walmart for only 0.79 cents! I added a hair clip at the back with some matching color felt and WOALAH! A pretty flower clip for bags and her “fairy” hair!

canvasbag_05All we do is to make memories that they can treasure!


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