Day 31: DIY Glowing Costumes

Pumpkin Halloween

 It is a late night post…. but I am super excited wanting to share this with you all 🙂

Today was the day we’ve been waiting for to proof that my husband’s idea (who’s now all about the costumes??? LOL!) for our girls costumes is COOL! They had glowing costumes on for Trick-or-Treating tonight! The big girl was be the fairy and the baby was the glowing stick girl. We found the wings at a kids’ store couple weeks ago and I found a toddler snow suit for the baby from one of the baby clothe’s boxes at home. And then my husband found these pink and purple glowing lights powered by couple AA batteries. He ordered them online and it got here on Monday (yup it was 3 days ago!).

So he did a test on the wings that night using bobby pins! It worked… only came loose. On Tuesday, I tried to figure out what can hold the cables on the wings well. I had 2 options: sticky tape or sew it. I didn’t like the second option because didn’t want to ruin the pretty wings (which she LOVES so much!), so I went with the first one. I taped the cable all around the wings and did a test. Worked. Lit up well and it stayed. I checked it again on Wednesday, it still attached well on the wings.


I didn’t get a chance to take the pictures of how my husband did the suit for the glowing stick girl, pinned and taped the cable all around the suit. Here’s the result:


YES we had A FUN Trick-or-Treating though the day was blah and rained! The thing is EVERYONE HAD FUN and CANDIES! They lit up all the way! 😀



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